A new era in TV Advertising

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Get the best of both worlds

We know how to make TV advertising drive short term ROI and long-term brand growth.

  • Find out how to effectively maximize your return, and mitigate risk on a limited budget
  • How a deep understanding of market dynamics can save 50% on like for like TV media
  • How cutting-edge data allows us to target the shows and networks your customers are watching
  • Discover your competitors’ strategies, and use that insight to make your campaigns outperform
  • How Smart TV's are providing a wealth of data for smart marketers to profit from

How we roll out TV campaigns changes how our clients think about success.
They no longer hope for success. They expect it.

What we do

Your media advantage

Results through our targeted,
efficient, integrated media plans


Your creative advantage

Powerful strategy and concepts
Full in-house creative & production facility


Your results optimized

Leads into sales
Conversations into customers
Traffic into turnover

About Advertising Advantage


  • Independent, one stop shop delivering accountable, cost effective and results focused TV
  • Market leading value across all TV networks in USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand
  • Integrated media buying for Digital, Social, Search, Out Of Home and Radio
  • Unmatched insight through unique IP, data and proven experience
  • In-house Creative and Production, TV Studio, Data Analytics & Optimization
  • Established in 2003, with offices in Orlando, New York and Sydney and 40+ full time staff
Importance of Advertising
If it goes unnoticed, everything else is academic